Under the Rug

Knowing that I should have been sprinting away, I stood there pondering what the creature under the old rug could be. The lump under the carpet moved rapidly and in only a zigzag motion. For all I knew it could be as terrifying as a lion, or as delicate as a new born baby. Worriedly, I backed slowly away from this mysterious monster, bumping into my bookcase where the top row of books fell hitting the ground with a huge thump. Anxiously, I looked down and saw that on the top of the pile of books was a booked called “Creatures of the 21st Century”, to me it was almost like it jumped into my hands.

Starting to flip through the pages, I gazed at the table of contents of what this odd book contained. Quickly I glanced up looking for the creature under the carpet.  Suddenly, I heard a soft sound, almost like an animal snoring or sleeping. Ignoring it, I saw that on page 118 there was a chapter called “Animals under Your Carpet.” I thought this was rather lucky to find exactly what I was looking for. Because I had nothing else to do, I curiously flipped to page 118. I looked up again at the creature, but it was still sitting there as if it was never alive. Scanning the page, the book said that these animals could be lured out with peanut butter. After putting the book on the side table, I scurried into the kitchen and took out a teaspoon and peanut butter. I scooped out the peanut butter like it was ice cream and marched back into my living room. Gathering up all my courage, I threw the spoon under the ancient rug without looking at what might the appearance of this creature could be.

Suddenly, this weird monster jumped up like a child on a sugar-high. I threw myself against my wall, terrified. As I fell back, the book that had given me these instructions tumbled on the floor and flipped over. Surprisingly I read that this book was purely fiction, that there is no such thing as any of these creatures. I was almost angry at myself for believing this fairytale. Just as I finished reading, the lump jumped out from under the carpet. After almost having a heart attack, I realized what a fool I had been. Sighing in an irritated way, I picked up my harmless Chihuahua and started to clean up the living room.

By Betsie de Beer



Monday, August 22, 2011


This is my very first FORUM post. Hopefully, every week I will post a new topic. You will have a whole week to comment and discuss this topic before a new topic will be put up. Please come and post your thoughts, because that is the only way this would work (: Some topics wont really be worth talking about, but dont worry the topics will range from silly to serious :P


THIS WEEKS TOPIC: Tongue Tatoos ):