Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Topic/Question: MEXICO’S ‘NEVER BEFORES’ HIT A NEW LOW (Brief version)


By Julio Vaqueiro, Telemundo Correspondent

MEXICO CITY – The scene was shocking. Masked gunmen blocked a busy road in the once-quiet port city of Veracruz, abandoning two trucks with 35 bodies inside, near a big shopping center. It was Tuesday at 5 p.m., broad daylight.

People on the streets watched the corpses being left at an underpass. Some of the victims had their hands tied and showed signs of having been tortured. The picture could have been extracted from a horror movie.

According to Veracruz state Attorney General, Reynaldo Escobar, 23 of the victims were men and 12 were women. “We have never seen a situation like this before,” said Escobar.

His words resounded across the country: Mexico is becoming the country of “never befores.”

Never before had we seen so many corpses dumped together on a busy avenue in a tourist port. Never before had we seen 52 people being killed inside a casino in the city of Monterrey until a group of criminals burned the place on Aug. 25. Never before had we seen a car bomb explosion in a Mexican city until it happened on July 2010 in Ciudad Juarez. Never before had panic gripped fans during a shooting near a soccer match until it happened in Torreon, Coahuila state. Within seconds of the first pops of gunfire, people ducked under their seats for cover, then thousands rushed onto the field, seeking escape, some carrying children.

But we have seen all of that now, and the new problem seems to be that we are running out of “never befores.”


The Medallion (Part One)

Terrible thoughts crowded my mind of what would happen next. Suddenly, the precious medallion slipped right out of my hands like a bar of soap. I could feel my heart skip a beat as it landed and hung flimsily on a branch. Before I could think of what to do next, the man dressed in all black past me and was running toward the medallion. My legs subsequently started moving as fast as they could carry me. My mind raced of what I could do to stall this man in front of me and reach the tree first.  My breath grew heavy and slow. My heart ached at the unfortunate situation. My body urged me to go faster, as I knew the many hours of beating if I didn’t have the medallion in my possession first.

Scaring me, I suddenly heard a loud scream from the man running ahead of me. I stopped running and began to analyze what was happening to him. To me it looked almost as if he was being electrocuted by this invisible force field. Although, I couldn’t come to a reasonable conclusion of what was going on, I had never seen anything like it before. After about a couple minutes of this, he suddenly dropped to the floor, not moving and dead. Before I could go search his body, it suddenly started levitating in the air, limp. The air below him was blurry; almost as though you were looking through tears or water. A loud, high pitched voice suddenly then filled the silent air. Even with my ears covered I could still hear what this mysterious voice was repeating. The sentence began with a melodic hum which soon after turned into words. It was saying, “Keep the body, but his soul will remain in hell.”

The voice must have repeated this at least ten times, but as soon as it stopped my ears were ringing of pain. I was sure only the devil himself would commit such a crime. I stood there wondering how I could reach the medallion without reaching the same fate as the man. Dawn had drawn near and sky faded into dull colours. Although after a while something odd caught my eye. A bright and blinding light started to appear from behind a large rock that stood diagonally from me at a reasonably close distance. The first real object I saw was the beginning of a long snow-white dress. It had a sort of sparkle to it that set you in some sort of trance. More and more of the dressed appeared, until a women came fully out into the open. She looked like some sort of angel, with her golden eyes, delicate wings and bronze hair that tumbled down to her waist. She then with her angelic voice said, “be calm and quiet, I will give you what you need.” Her voice was as soft as a whisper, but as strong as a shout. I stood there silently just as she instructed. She then raised her arm and a bright beam of light shot out of her hand through my body. It hurt in the least painful way. I could feel my brain pounding as it grew larger and my arms expand as they became more muscular. I was becoming into the ultimate being, strong and total knowledge of whatever was worth knowing. Finally when she lowered her arm and the light stopped. What had I just become?