What are flowers?

When the world has had a tiresome day, and the sun has finished crossing the sky, the sky turns yellow and orange as the sun sets to rest.  When one world of humans and animals day is over and the slow hum of their sleep grows louder, the little delicate creatures just awaken. These unknown and undiscovered creatures get up to start their journey in the darkness. Flowers are beautiful in the day, but they transform like machines in the night. The petals stretch out into wings and the centre or the anther grows longer and stretches along the backs of the creatures as their beautiful hair. In the night every stem is left lonesome  without no head as the creatures fly off to their adventures. The giggles of their high-pitched voices calling to each other.

Each gifted with a special power, one for bringing love or one in charge for leaves changing colours. They are little helpers to help our world continue as it does everyday, but unknowingly humans are killing them and making them weaker.  Global warming is killing these harmless creatures. Dimming their light and their power to help our earth. If humans continue to kill these creatures the world will be destroyed, no hope for a way to fix it, but there is still hope now. These courageous fairies push through their pain and hope that one day we will work with them in unity helping conserve and preserve the earth that we love so much. Because they know something that most humans over look, a little piece of knowledge that would give strength to anyone. The earth that we live in is so unique to others. It’s systems so delicate and it’s ways so precise. We should be thankful to live on this earth, because others in the future may not.


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Here is this week’s topic, I hope you enjoy!

Topic: What is a saying or quote that you live by or describes you?

(ex: Be the change you want to see in the world-Ghandi)



Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely meal with their family and prays to thank the lord for all our wonderful blessings!!

Here is a Psalm to help us remember what is really important.

Psalm 95:2-3

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. for the LORD is the great God, the great king above all gods.”!

Inspired by this rare occation, I wrote poem to help us remember.

Let’s be thankful before it is all gone,

Say a prayer, write a poem or sing a song,

We should be thankful because we are so greatly blessed,

More than one knows or would guess,

The lord is gracious and kind,

We are all healthy with no sickness and are not blind,

We can see the world clearly and in clarity,

Forgetting about it’s ultimate beauty,

We have a roof over our head,

Keeping us warm and safe in our bed,

Remember that without the lord our god we are nothing,

He is so loving,

He loves us like children,

Warms us in his arms and is quick to listen,

So tonight in this cold weather,

Let us thank god for his love forever.