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Merry Christmas Everyone!

This weeks topic or question:

What is the most important thing about Christmas? A lesson or Moral perhaps?


The Mysterious Woman

Her long, black hat shadowed her face making it harder to see her in the reflection of the window. This strange woman had been following me ever since I left my apartment, which scared me as she knew where I lived. I kept on looking to my right to try to see her appearance in the window more clearly, in case I needed to report her to the police or something. Her long blonde hair whipped back and forth as she walked almost like a tail gently wagging back and forth. She walked looking like she was sort of skipping, perhaps a limp of some sort? My mind and imagination raced through all the scenarios of where she could have gotten such a severe wound. Maybe someone was chasing after her and shot her in her leg, or perhaps she had stole something and a dog had been chasing her and bit her leg, or maybe my imagination was just misleading me away from the real truth?

She also wore large, dark sunglasses that covered her eyes and some of her eyebrows. She was dressed in mostly black, some sort of dark over coat with dark pants and heels that made a loud sound whenever she took her next step. I then wondered how she would be able to run away from anyone with that type of footwear, not such a great idea for someone who is a criminal. The sound of her heels continued endlessly as I turned every corner and walked every wobbly step, but I decided with much courage, and fear I must add, that this would have to end at some point, and rather sooner that later. I thought about all the possibilities of how I could escape her constant watchful eyes, a cab, a bus, a store? Although suddenly, strangely my thoughts were interrupted by the silence of no footsteps. I turned around, but only to be greeted by an empty street, except for the few stragglers and wanderers along the streets. My breath made puffs of white air and I contemplated of where she could have gone. Up the walls like spider-man or just sped away like someone from the movie “Incredibles”?  Then I saw her just sitting peacefully in the cafe next to me, greeted with a kiss by someone I would assume would be her boyfriend or husband. Had my mind played tricks on and changed what seemed like hours only mere minutes. Who was this woman? I was about to dismiss the subject just when she turned to look at me dead in the eyes and winked at me. I started sweating and I could feel the colour disappearing from my face. Who was this mysterious woman and why was she after me?