Before a bed night kiss

Life is a free fall.

If you have fear you don’t live at all.

With speech and sound,

Agreement can be found.



For hurt and hopelessness,

Before a bed night kiss.


One thing I have recently realised is that, “people who mind, don’t matter, and people who matter, don’t mind.”


It is interesting to hear about how people describe the timeline that is life. Some believe the destination is the proof, however others believe the journey reflects you no matter the destination. Life, to me, is a series of moments, separated by time and place. It is strange to me that the brain forgets most of these moments, even the most significant ones like saying your first word or taking your first step. However, which moments are special? Only the ones you remember?


Simply Romance

I think the most romantic look on life is from the view of a bumble bee. The humble expression shows no judgement or fear. The daily duties of a bee are simple, yet essential. Bees are seen scavenging the thoughts of flowers or prancing through the atmosphere. We often find ourselves questioning the life we live or the life we are supposed to live. Bees have merely the knowledge of days or weeks, unlike the human with decades to learn from, but I ask, with full passion and mystery, how does the bee know more than we do?