Two Busy Streets

Isolation is a powerful thing. Isolating your mind, emotions and essentially your body can change the way anyone looks at anything. Having a forcefield reflecting people’s words and opinions leave you with only what your mind can conjure up. I think of it this way; standing on the corner of two busy streets and just analysing. Not moving, not talking and accepting the burning of your eyes to make sure no detail is missed. I find, well for me anyway, I have a seed of sympathy growing inside me for the busy people rushing along the streets. It comforts me to know that life goes on around me, that the world isn’t grumbling and depending on me to finish what I need finish. At times, when some of us have forgotten who we are, we become a mirror, reflecting what others want to hear and see, not what we would usually say or do. So, even just for a day, stand upon a busy street and admire the world around you. Allow each feeling to enter your mind and body, and let it fill you up. Let this feeling make you feel whole, knowing that it is your own. Because, I can guarantee, the world you think you see, may not be the world you inhale on the corner of two busy streets.


An alien planet where it rains molten glass

Seeing the world is one thing, but understanding is something very different.


An illustration of the planet HD 189733b

This amazing alien planet (HD 189733b), which is only 63 light-years from earth, exhibits some fascinating and extreme conditions. The blue color shown in the illustration above is attributed to a rain of molten glass. This molten glass is from the planet’s scorching temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius. However that isn’t the only harsh condition you will find on this planet as it also has 7000 kilometer-per-hour winds to accompany the 1000 degree storm of molten glass.

This planet is a part of the class of planets called Hot Jupiters. These are large planets (approximately the size of Jupiter) that are extremely hot due to their tight orbit around their sun. Hot Jupiters often have one side of the planet permanently turned towards the sun, while the other is left to permanently face away.

This close orbit to the star and their…

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Never Spoils

I can’t remember the last time it didn’t stop changing colour. At any given moment, the world turns softly and delicately white, then frantically spirals back to green or red. However, this canvas remains independent and desires no painter. This picture tirelessly uses weather and time to provide a new colour. Against all odds, the colour never mixes or spoils even through down pour. Each new colour gives promise and provides amazement. Only the best colours suffice with little effort, for even the detail makes you ask questions.


Your Disappointment in My Hands

Knowledge is power. The increasing size of a brain forbids anything but greatness. I cannot help but wonder. Not only does knowledge circle the mind of anyone, but so does the forever changing silhouette of emotion.  Does manipulation of emotion and ideas give anyone the power to make us feel how they want? In the same way, can we change how we feel and react? Can we change us?