Power : Fragility

Power stands tall and broad, and leaps with agility and strength. He leads with decision and certainty, and speaks strictly, pronouncing each last syllable. Every man knows not to mess with power.

Fragility hobbles weakly to each destination. He quietly ponders life with doubt. Fragility walks silently below the rest, wishing to be invisible. Fragility can’t help but wonder about the day that he might break.


Knew This

He dare not touch it more than with the tips of his fingers. He dare not blink for more than a simple second. He dare not breathe more than shallow. The way she moves, he said. Each action with such poise and elegance, each curl of her hair sculpted with purpose and desire. He believed that he could spend eternity swimming through the depths and colours of her eyes. He wondered from which crystal and silver lining her soul was made, and thought of the intricacies of her mind, that endlessly intrigued him. And I believed the worst part was, that she knew this.