Recommendations and Questions

Here you are encouraged to ask any questions or give recommendations that you would like. I will be checking this page often and will try to accompany any preferences that you offer. Below there is a brief paragraph on how to get around the website. Please post away!

Here are some points to help you around the blog.

1) If you would like to get to know me better, click the “About” tab above this post. This will give you an over-all idea of what my hobbies and interests are and also just my general background.

2)If you are looking to see if I have posted anything new, look over to the right and below, there is a sub-title named “Recent Posts”. Below here there will be a list of the titles of posts which I have lately put up.

3)If you are looking to recommend anything (for ex. a topic to discuss or a topic for my writing ect.), head to the top of the screen where it will say on one of the tabs, “Recommendations and Questions”. This is where you can put your recommendations (which is where we are now).

4)If you would like to find my blog, then at the top with other tabs it says, “My Blog”. Anything I post will be put in there anything from my writing to some other topics or pictures that interested me.

5) If you have any questions at all, move your mouse to the top of the screen where it says, “Recommendations and Questions”. Once you have clicked on it, and you will land where we are now.

6)Lastly, where you found the other tabs (above), you will see the home tab. This is where the welcome message will appear.

I hope this has helped you. Please post any more questions you have.


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